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Related post: Date: Sun, 19 preteen breast photos Sep 2004 10:35:45 -0400 From: Subject: OUT OF THE castle preteen RUBBLE - 23OUT OF THE RUBBLE - 23Copyright 2004 by Carl MasonAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for strictly personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced preteen girl wrestling or transmitted in any form or illegal preteen rape by any means electronic or preteens sex blog mechanical, except preteen rape home for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at story contains descriptions of sexual contact between a young adult male and young male teenagers. Nevertheless, "Out of the Rubble" is neither a strictly "suck and fuck" exercise nor is it a story that focuses on the "love of adults for the young"...often without sex or with the mere suggestion of sex. If you are looking for these types of erotic fiction, there are fine examples of each on Nifty. Something slightly different is required here.However based on real events and places, "Out of the Rubble" is strictly fictional. Any resemblance to actual events, or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Further, this is homoerotic fiction designed for the personal enjoyment of legal, preteen childfuck hopefully mature, adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, if those in power and/or those whom you trust treat it as illegal, or if it would create unresolvable moral dilemmas in your life, please leave. Finally, remember that maturity generally british preteens demands that anything other than safe sex is sheer insanity!Thank you, Ed preteen picture gallery C., for your devoted help on this section of the story! PART 23(Revisiting the End of Part 22)When Sam and Andreas wearily departed the [Baron's] limousine to enter the Major's jeep that stood nearby, they were indeed thirsting to return to Tieferwald. Even they, however, couldn't know how enthusiastically they would be greeted by their "Army"!(Continuing Our Story: Returning to Active Duty)It was a preteen lola fuck good two days before Sam and Andreas could return to Earth. Beyond having to adjust to the time change and restore some order to their own affairs, junior preteen cp both young men were constantly mobbed by those who rejoiced in their being home. preteenz bbs cute Even Blondi was a little sticky! forbidden underage preteen In truth, the deep insecurities of those who lived in DAS HAUS created a unique problem. Wounds of the magnitude they had experienced simply do not heal overnight, if ever. Each resident had to assure himself personally that two people important to his pre preteens japanese life russian preteen picture hadn't suddenly been torn away by fate or human cruelty. So many had disappeared so tragically. Eventually, however, the strongest emotions preteens kiss galeries subsided and petite little preteens Sam was able to reconnect with two men upon whom he depended so heavily, i.e., Ehrhardt and General Clemens.Generally, things were fine, Ehrhardt reported, though there had been a rash of thefts and small injuries preteen cunnilingus that neither he nor Kurt had been able to track down. Agreeing with Sam that adolescents can often be frustratingly close-mouthed at just the wrong times, he further reported on the "House Entertainment Night" planned for that very evening. "You and Andy are expected to make a contribution, you know...either separately or together," he grinned. "Thanks, Ehrhardt, nymphets nude preteens I needed that," preteen dreamgirls art Sam retorted. "What's your job?" "Oh, Ehrhardt smirked, "I get to play the Master of Ceremonies." "Hell, Sam complained, "I can't get away from here for ten minutes without getting the short preteen pussy lovers end of the stick!" "Well," Ehrhardt smiled, "those are the blessings of power! Say, did you hear over German radio about an hour ago that Rolf is now officially 'Baron Rolf von Hofsberg'?" "No kidding. I'm delighted," preteen palace com Sam replied. pre teen wank "He's going to be down here within the week, by the way. He and Andy have an upriver hike scheduled - and he wants to talk seriously with us about future support for The House." "Both of us like and respect Rolf," Ehrhardt said reflectively. "It'll be interesting to see what he has in mind."As Sam turned to leave, Ehrhardt suddenly added a postscript. "Gretchen and I noticed the rings, boss. There's not the slightest question in our minds that Andy and you feel the same way about each other that we do. Just know that we love you preteen download and wish you a life of happiness." As Ehrhardt began fiddling with something on his desk, Sam turned to leave. Suddenly, Ehrhardt rose and preteen underage throat walked towards Sam, his hand outstretched. Neither of them was ever quite sure about who initiated what. The fact remains that they found themselves in a bear hug that, however awkward, expressed the deep feelings that each man felt for the other.As Sam returned to his room, he ran into Horst who seemed to have grown another four inches (10.16 cm), though he free preteen softporn didn't appear he have put on another pound. "Keep growing like that, you tall drink of water, and we're going to have to increase the height of all the doors and arches!" he grinned. "By the way, I just heard about tonight's 'Entertainment Night.' What's the Red Monster doing?" very preteen sites Horst's face and rather prominent ears suddenly turned as red as his hair and with a mumbled "Hi," he literally ESCAPED into his room. 'Hummm, could be interesting,' Sam thought to himself as he prepared to leave The House for an appointment with General Clemens at the Base.Not unexpectedly, the General warmly offered repeated congratulations on the honors Sam (and Andreas) photo preteens naturist had received in the States - and wasn't at all surprised at horney preteen pussy the way in which they had been involved in discussions on the "German initiative." "I wish I model preteen roxy could have told porno kids preteen you a little more, Sam," he allowed, "but you know the game. Sit down and hit the highlights of your trip. Your postcard said something about Boston and the Maine Coast. From the photo of Acadia, I think I should regret never having been there. And, yeah, to the degree that you can talk about it, tell me something about what's going to happen here." As General Clemens sat down at his desk and removed a nice bottle of Scotch webcams of preteens and two glasses from a drawer, Sam began to do just that. After a good 40 minutes had passed, Sam suddenly stopped and asked, "As I said, there will always be opposition, but will you be able to help those who would rebuild this land?" topless legal preteen Musing, the General replied, "You know where I stand Sam. I'm encouraged by what you've told me of Marshall's position. Nevertheless, there's preteen galleries top100 not too much a One-Star can say until the big boys have spoken. That's the way it's done in the good old Army...any good old army. When it's possible, you can bet that I'll be there to turn the first shovel in rebuilding City Park!" "You know how I feel about that place?" Sam murmured. The General only grinned, raised his glass in salute, and said, "Bottoms up!"(Entertainment Night)As the boys gathered in the living room after supper, Sam and Andreas heard repeated comments about how much they had enjoyed their postcards slutty preteen nymphets and the small souvenirs brought back for them. Franz, for instance, sidled up to Andreas and thanked him again for the small medallion legal preteen sex of Cadillac suspended on a leather strap that allowed him preteen kinky pictures to hang it on his belt. "I really like it, man," he mumbled. "Some day, I'm going to see that country!" Heinrich was also delighted by the small book of Maine views that Andy had brought for him. Turning to a page that showed a Maine Coon cat, he asked, "They don't pre teen nymphos really grow them that big, do they?" "Ye-epp," Andy drawled in his best Down East accent, "and that one's tiny. Hell, I had them climbing all over me - and some were nearly as big as cougars! One almost fanged my rump!" "Whew!" the wide-eyed teen exclaimed. "Just kiddin'," Andy chortled as he punched his companion on a muscular arm. "Bastard!" Heinrich replied as threw an arm around preteen nymph portal Andy's neck and gave it a little jerk. "Live in fear. Revenge is always sweet!"Andy noticed a temporary stage that had been built at the end of the room. The preteen hentai rape back wall seemed to have been draped in black cloth and several sheets had been fastened together to form a movable curtain some feet in front of it. young preteen kissing They also noticed a table that contained pitchers of beer, glasses, and bowls of munchables. Heinrich and he grabbed a couple of chairs as Ehrhardt appeared in front of the closed curtain."Ladies and gentlemen!" proclaimed the Master of Ceremonies. "Oops! Frau Luisa has gone home and my good wife is busy with the baby. They don't know what they're missing," he hissed as he twirled a long black moustache that now adorned his upper lip. "Being accurate, therefore, I must say, 'Gentlemen! Welcome to the first House Entertainment Night! Enjoy the beer and goodies provided by your House Committee." (Cheers arose - plus a couple of large belches.) "Enjoy the six stupendous skits, each coming to Tieferwald am Main directly from successful runs in Cologne, Berlin, and London! Their order has been chosen by lot. Be kind!" he added preteen sex thongs in a more natural voice, "Just remember that it might be YOU up here!" Naturally, loud catcalls greeted his announcement! "The first skit, preteens underage nude direct from the London stage, is 'Romeo and Juliet'! Please welcome pre teen nymphs Franz and Horst!"The curtain parted to reveal a painted cutout of a castle wall from which hung a rather shaky-looking balcony. To a sensual Italian melody, Franz appeared from the wings in dress that included a floppy black hat with an enormously long movie hard preteen feather tights! "He took 'em off Genevieve!" a voice yelled bdsm preteen sex from the darkened audience. preteens movies sex (Naturally, the place broke preteen pusy pictures up, and Ehrhardt had to restore order.) "Juliet, Juliet, where art thou, Juliet?" Franz began haltingly, sounding as if he badly needed a drink of water. Nothing happened. "Juliet, Juliet, where art thou, Juliet?" he repeated in a firmer voice. Nothing happened. "Juliet, get the hell out here!" he shouted over the howls of the audience. preteen girl kissing Suddenly, the curtain over the balcony opening swayed, and a tall wench appeared in a black wig (that did not completely cover every wild shock of red hair), heavy makeup, and a tall conical cap with veil. "Oh, Romeo, my true love," 'she' began. (Heinrich whispered to Andy that they should have measured better. In fact, given 'her' own preteen lesbian kissing height plus the height of the cap, Juliet was scraping the ceiling!) "Oh, Romeo..." Unfortunately, there was a far as she got, for the "balcony" suddenly began swaying until it collapsed, dumping a hapless Juliet onto the stage. (Thankfully, uk preteens pics its floor was less than 3 feet [0.91 meters] off the stage.) The curtain abruptly closed, as Ehrhardt hurried behind it. Seconds later, he opened the curtain and reappeared - accompanied by Franz who carried a swooning indonesian preteen model Juliet in his arms. The audience rose to its feet shouting, applauding, and catcalling. An appreciative Franz doffed his cap, sweeping the feather low in front of him. Predictably, that caused the pair to lose its precarious balance. For a minute or two, they just sat on the stage with goofy grins before an hysterically vlad preteen modeling appreciative audience. Pumping their fists in the air, they quickly rejoined their buddies.The second skit, involving Bruno and Ernst, made up for the technical excellence that the first had lacked. The boys had constructed a ski run that sloped down for about 15 feet (4.6m) preteen thong mpegs from the corner of the room. Dressed in full ski gear (in late July yet), Bruno gave Ernst a ski lesson that obviously didn't quite take. Crouching at the top of the run, frozen in fear, Ernst dramatically removed his skis and crawled down the run on hands and knees to derisive laughs and whistles from the audience. Then, the Winter Olympics hopeful, Bruno, took over. Whatever they had used to coat the surface worked, for Bruno skied down the run and continued onto the rug with nary a problem. titties preteens Applause met their low bows.Not really having preteen gymnastic videos had time to prepare, Sam and preteens gallery xxx Andreas opted to sing "As the Backs Go Tearing By." Discovering that Sam's voice was no better than the voice Andy had displayed up on the Maine Coast - and that together they were even worse (were that possible!) - the crowd burst into ever-louder hoots and catcalls. When Andy whispered that he didn't know the second verse, they doggedly continued...starting over! At that point, Ehrhardt, Kurt, and Ulrich (the biggest men in The House) comically mounted the stage and began dragging them off to raucous applause from the audience.The "refreshments" table was obviously doing a land office business during the intermission that followed. If you guessed that the break also gave everyone opportunity to royally razz Sam and Andreas, your guess was entirely correct! Few would forget the sight of Ulrich and Andy who stood before the table - glasses preteen wearing thongs raised, arms around each other's shoulders - loudly singing the first stanza of "As the Backs Go Tearing By"! (Sam began to wonder if the "Committee" should limit the beer a bit come next year! Nah... There was a time and place for everything.)After the M.C. had indicated that Dieter was ill and would be replaced by Wolfgang, Ulrich and Georg proudly announced that their grey area preteens skit was titled, "Beach Magic." It seems that swimsuit-clad duo met Wolfgang, a "97-pound (44 kg) weakling," at the river beach preteen model tgp and (with dramatic gestures) convinced him to drink their muscle-building libation. As little Wolfgang - the last boy in DAS HAUS to hit puberty preteen undies pictures - stood shivering in his underpants, a large bottle of a vile-looking liquid was brought to him and he was ordered to drink. His face indicating extreme nausea, he did so. Immediately, the curtain was drawn. (Heinrich left Andy, whispering that the best was yet to come!) From behind the curtain came a variety of weird sounds, including thumps and crashes. Several puffs of smoke drifted from underneath. When the curtain was opened, Wolfgang stood illegal preteen young proudly, a full foot (30.48 cm) taller, with muscular chest, a six pak to die for, a long cock, and heavy, muscular thighs preteen gallery 12yo and calves. The audience gasped in amazement. Unfortunately, having only had a few minutes naked preteens swiming practice time, little Wolfgang slipped off the small pedestal on which he had been preteen bbs jp placed and tumbled to the ground. The skillfully painted paper-mache body that had covered his front side did not, however, fall with him. It didn't matter. To the cheers of the crowd, Ulrich scooped up a jubilant Wolfgang, placed him on his broad shoulders, and returned him proudly to the audience!For their part, Jaeger and Konrad did a stand-up slapstick comedy routine in front of the curtain. Would that space preteen dvd japanese permitted repeating more than four of their memorable examples of German humor! 1) A German woman is walking cream in preteens down the street. Eleven blond guys walk up and attack her. preteen videos models She screams, "Nein! Nein!" So taboo preteenie lust two guys walk young nudist preteen away. 2) What is the difference between Hitler and the Hindenburg? One is a flaming fascist gasbag full of hot air, and the other is a dirigible. 3) After hunting, the old hunter goes into the pub and meets the doctor of the village. "Do you know what I was hunting today?" he asks the doc. "Sure, I know it very well," the doctor replies. "He was already in my office for treatment." 4) "I read terrible things from the lines in the palm of your hand," the fortuneteller whispers. "Your life will have a terrible end, one will kill you and cook and eat you." - "Just a second," the customer interrupts, "let me first take off my pigskin gloves!"See what I mean? (Author's Note: I've collected "classic" German jokes for some years, unfortunately without recording the source. If these "belong" to someone - that is, if they are not in the public domain - please let me know and I shall GLADLY give full credit!)As Master of Ceremonies, Ehrhardt returned to explain that the last skit was a special treat. Most of the guys in The House couldn't go into several "places" downtown. (A few of innocent pregnant preteen the boys laughed knowingly.) Heinrich and his assistant, Kurt, have, therefore, decided to bring a sample of their "entertainment" to our "Temple of Purity." (catcalls) Herr Heinrich!The Curtain opened, the back wall now draped in bright red cloth. (It appeared that a couple of massive Nazi flags, sans swastikas, had been put to good use.) Heinrich stood in the middle of the stage which otherwise was empty save for a metal stool of medium height. Dressed preteen pussy exposed only in tight black briefs (very tight and very brief!), a black muscle shirt, and heavy white sport socks, he stood silently until an erotic melody (probably reminding Americans of burlesque...Germans of the fleshpots of Hamburg) began playing in the background. Slowly, he undulated to the music - and then began trying, with great difficulty, to remove the muscle shirt. First preteen toon pics he tried to get it off one shoulder, then the other. Eventually, he battled to remove it over his head. The struggle was slow and painful, but he was finally victorious. There the hunky boy stood, sweat pouring down his body, clad only in briefs and socks. The music became more insistent. Naturally, he began working on the briefs. Again, small czech preteen models advances were only won at the price of more boyspreteenerectionphotos effort, more sweat, more straining muscles! First, he tried to pull them down on the luck...then on the luck preteens nude gay there either. Finally, he stood with his back to the audience and tried pulling them down over his butt. Minor success, but it still wouldn't work. Turning around, he slowly pulled them down over his pubes preteen x preteens until the top of his cock was exposed...and then...success! Every muscle on his beautiful young preteen showing underwear body now delineated by heavy sweat, he began the last campaign...the socks. nina model preteen As the music rose in erotic intensity, he tried putting one sock-clad foot on top of the stool and reaching down to the other still on the ground. Other rape preteens porn than providing a grand view, that clearly wasn't going to work. You will guess that every permutation was attempted before the last sock was removed and flipped onto the floor. For a minute or two, he danced erotically in the nude for the audience that, by now, sat with open mouths.Finally, he motioned for his muscular, brief-clad assistant, Kurt, to come out from preteen nn lover the wings. Not surprisingly, appreciative murmurs and a few sarcastic hand claps met the First Boy's appearance on stage. As Heinrich motioned models preteen illegal again, Kurt began to spray him with a light oil. Slowly, suggestively, Heinrich changed positions as he rubbed the oil onto his body...standing, sitting on the stool, preteen porn gallaries kneeling on the stool, on the ground, and so forth. As the music reached a raw intensity, Heinrich rose and motioned for Kurt to take over rubbing the oil onto his body. (Evidently, this was not in the script, for Kurt blushed and hesitated. Egged on by Heinrich's confederates in the audience, he finally began preteen pussy illigal to do his duty.) Guided by Heinrich's hands, Kurt stood behind the boy, massaging his pecs, his abs, and his lower stomach. Unseen by Kurt, Heinrich's cock slowly began to rise which, of course, caused a great deal of nervous laughter and uncomfortable shifting around in the audience. Eventually - as it had to be - Kurt's hands encountered Heinrich's cock...and flew off as if they had touched a red-hot poker! Heinrich simply smiled provocatively and jerked downwards on his assistant's briefs with one hand as he gave him a shove off stage with the other! The audience howled with released tension. Released tension? That wasn't going to happen!Throwing himself on the ground, occasionally using the overturned stool as a prop, Heinrich began to writhe on the carpeted floor. As the music reached a pre teen asses crescendo, he completed his skit by jerking off until his hefty cock propelled cum high into the air. Torn between a tad of embarrassment, sexual excitement, and admiration for "quite a demonstration," the audience burst into cheers and applause when the two brief-clad boys, arms around each other's shoulders, preteen candid board appeared in front of the curtain. Sam estimated that there wasn't a dry pair of undershorts in the house - and not a few of the boys scurried out of the room with folded chairs concealing everything south of their belts! (Naturally, neither a swallow of legal preteen supermodels beer nor a handful of munchables was left on the table when the last boy departed!) Let it also be noted that the only sounds heard throughout DAS HAUS for some time were of muffled gasps and squeaking bedsprings.(Disturbing News)As Sam and Andreas prepared for bed - snickering all the way preteen nudists naked - they looked at each other, knowing they were both as horny as all hell...and feeling just a slight buzz! Suddenly, there was nude preteenl models heavy pounding on the door and two towel-clad ruffians just about fell into the room. "Sorry, Herr Direktor; sorry, Andy, but we can't help it! Heinrich's got us crazy!" With that, Horst and Jaeger, sans towels, got up off the floor and climbed up on the bed. "HELP!" their faces seemed Skinny brunette preteen to say, their rock-hard, flowing cocks pulsing in agreement. Far past the point of no return, Sam and Andy looked at each able preteens other, shrugged, and jumped in with them.Need preteen ilegall mpegs it be added that the half hour that followed was about as WILD as it gets? Long after they had left, Andreas mentioned that solid, muscular Jaeger was truly something - and Sam had finally had opportunity to show his feelings to the tall, thin redhead nn preteen nude who, as we know, had always been one of his favorites. Yeah, it was "only" sex, but it was still really nice and mutually satisfying. What wasn't so nice was the information they shared as they lay panting and recovering afterwards."We've been debating about what to do about a big problem," Jaeger finally admitted. We like the Sargent and respect him, but we wanted to wait until you returned. We've got a bully in The House who's beating up on every kid who will take it. It hasn't been enough to send them to preteen russian porn the hospital or even to Frau Luisa - just enough to make their lives miserable!" "And he steals," Horst added. "He's already lifted at least three presents that you and Andy brought back from the States! It's not fair!""If you couldn't speak with the Sargent, have you considered speaking with Kurt?" Andreas inquired in a brotherly tone of voice. "Gosh, Andy," Horst answered, "he's one of the guys. You know... It's preteen models 9yo really hard to snitch on someone!" Sam thought something rather nasty about "adolescent logic," but sat on it. Rather, he simply thanked the two youngsters, promised that their names would never come erotica preteen female into anything that happened, and asked art nudes preteen only that they say nothing and let him "take care of it."Not quite ready to let the matter drop there, Andy said, "I noticed that Dieter couldn't play his part tonight and that Otto never did show up." "Yeah, Andy, Jaeger added somewhat uncomfortably, "Otto really went too far last night. In fact, we thought preteen girl hardcoure he might have broken Dieter's nose. The doctor down the street said it was ok, but we had to promise we would speak with you." Sam and Andy hugged the kids and thanked them for taking care of their brothers before Sam again promised that he would take care of the matter and sent them off to bed. Cuddling ukraine preteen sex in bed, Sam sighed that he guessed it had been too good to last. "Sam," Andy interjected, remember what you Americans say: A guy is child preteen galleries innocent until he's proven guilty!" A heartsick Sam kissed him before turning out the light. (To Be Continued)
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